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College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine

Kansas State University
101 Trotter Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506




President: Michael Duff
Vice-President: Luca Popescu
Secretary/Treasurer: Anna Altobelli

President: Margot Boucher
Vice-President: Nicholas Crossland
Secretary/Treasurer: Izabela Ragan

President: Kelly Martin
Vice-President: Allison Bright
Secretary/Treasurer: Ashley Talley

President: Kelly Martin
Vice-President: Allison Bright
Secretary/Treasurer: Ashley Talley

President: Katrina Rohwer
Vice-President: Morgan Bernal
Secretary/Treasurer: Alexandra Miller

President: Katrina Rohwer
Vice-President: Nan Mueller
Secretary/Treasurer: Alphina Ho

President: Joseph Sipe
Vice-President: Dan Righter
Secretary: Davin Ringen
Treasurer: Mark Ruder

President: Joseph Sipe
Vice-President: Nina (Fatima) Rath
Secretary/Treasurer: Margaret Sheriff

Faculty Advisors
Dr. Derek Mosier, Anatomic Pathology
Dr. Steve Stockham, Clinical Pathology

Description of Officers’ Duties:

President: Serves as chief executive officer of the Chapter. Presides at all meetings and Executive Committee meetings. Acts as the primary means of communicating new Chapter Developments to the membership. Serves as the chairman of any committees formed in the Chapter. Attends all SCAVMA meetings to represent the KSU SCACVP, and occasionally makes monetary requests. Lines up guest speakers for evening meetings and sends out follow up “thank you” correspondence. Plans wet labs, special events, etc. Sends out an email announcements inviting students to upcoming events. Makes an agenda for each meeting. Sets meeting times and dates, including Executive Committee meetings. In cooperation with other executive members and faculty advisors, establishes long-term and short-term plans for future growth of SCACVP. Makes final decisions and acts as the driving force to keep the group active and growing.

Vice President: Reserves the location for meetings, wet labs, etc. After completing ITC training, opens and sets up the room prior to meetings. Makes and posts fliers to announce upcoming Chapter-sponsored events and meetings. Purchases eating/drinking utensils and ice prior to meetings. Presides at Chapter meetings in absence of the President.

Secretary/Treasurer: Holds all important SCACVP documents, including the Constitution and By-laws, and makes revisions to all documents as they are changed by the Chapter. Keeps minutes of all meetings and sends out minutes via email following each meeting. Copies and distributes agenda (as written by President) for each meeting. Takes attendance at all meetings and maintains a current Chapter roster. Collects and makes notification of associate membership dues. Provides the Executive Committee with a quarterly report of the treasury and a recommended budget. Purchases food and beverages for meetings. Organizes the room after meetings.