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College of Veterinary Medicine

VetCats Toastmasters

Communication skills are the difference between a good veterinarian and an outstanding one. As a professional, you will use speaking skills on a daily basis in your interaction(s) with clients, peers, employees, and the public. Toastmasters is an excellent opportunity for you to start practicing these important skills early in your professional career. Regardless of your speaking background, through Toastmasters you will build skills in leadership, listening, and self-confidence, while getting over your fear of speaking in front of a group. Not only does Toastmasters look sharp on a resume, it is also a lot of fun, and a great way to interact with other students and faculty! 

VetCats Toastmasters is open to veterinary students, clinicians, faculty, veterinary technicians, pre-vet students, and anyone else in the field of veterinary medicine who would like to improve or polish their communication skills.