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KSU Theriogenology Club

KSU Theriogenology Club website 

The KSU Theriogenology club is an organization for veterinary students who are interested in learning about reproduction in animals with special emphasis on reproduction as it pertains to veterinary medicine. 

The organization was first started in the Spring of 2003 by a group of students who felt that theriogenology was a very important component of most veterinary practices in one way or another and wanted to enhance their knowledge and skills in this field. 

The organization provides information in the area of disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, surgeries, research, and new techniques in theriogenology. Guest speakers are brought in on a monthly basis to speak to the club and the club holds theriogenology rounds every other Monday of each semester where actual cases are presented by clinicians from the teaching hospital or by local veterinarians. The organization also holds two wet labs per semester for the club members to get hands-on opportunities in basic theriogenology procedures.