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EAMC - Exotic Animal Medicine Club

Exotics Website 

The Exotic Animal Medicine Club (EAMC) is designed to allow veterinary students at all levels a chance to gain hands-on experience with exotic birds and reptiles, and to gain additional exposure to zoo and laboratory animals, small mammals, wildlife, and other non-typical species. These experiences are gained through lectures, wet labs, demonstrations, exotic rounds at the hospital, and field trips to zoos in the surrounding area. 

The following programs have been developed by the EAMC to provide exotic animal care and husbandry experience for those who are interested: 

The Teaching Herpetarium is designed to provide experience with reptilian species commonly seen in the small animal practice. Currently, the herpetarium contains several different species of snakes, lizards, and other small reptiles. Students maintain the herpetarium and gain experience in general reptile husbandry and health care.

Exotic Rounds enable students to learn about methods used in treating exotic species through small group discussions held monthly and daily, led by KSU's exotic interns.

Wet labs, in the past, have covered topics ranging from avian surgery to physical exams for exotic species commonly seen in practice. Faculty participation makes these events incredible learning experiences. Zoo trips enable students to meet with each zoo's veterinarian to see and discuss firsthand the problems encountered and current medical treatments used for zoo animals. At the monthly meetings, speakers are brought in to give a wide variety of lectures pertaining to exotic animal medicine. 

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate, even those with a mild interest, as this is a fast growing field with many diverse opportunities.