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CVF - Christian Veterinary Fellowship

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Christian Veterinary Fellowship (CVF) is a service organization consisting of students, faculty and staff of the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine, including their families, friends and significant others. CVF exists to encourage each other, build student resilience and wellness, and prepare for serving others through veterinary medicine. The parent organization of CVF is Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM), an organization founded to assist veterinarians, technicians, veterinary students and other animal health professionals with long and short-term missions designed to bring physical and spiritual hope to people in developing countries whose survival depends on livestock. The ultimate goal of CVM and CVF is to share God’s love through veterinary medicine. Christian Veterinary Fellowship's twice-a-month gatherings include activities such as Bible studies, facilitated discussions about meeting needs in the workplace and in various missions, as well as fun social activities such as pot-luck suppers, holiday celebrations, canoeing and skating. We welcome individuals of all beliefs and backgrounds to come and fellowship with us.