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College of Veterinary Medicine

KSU Smoking Policy

Smoking Policy, PPM 3720

Smoking is a public health and fire hazard. Locations where smoking is allowed shall be restricted in order to: (A) prevent infringements upon others and (B) create and maintain an environment that is in the best interests of the safety, health, and well being of all the users of university property.

Smoking is not permitted in any university building on the main campus, the veterinary medicine campus, or University Motor Pool vehicle. Smoking may be permitted in other department-specific State-owned vehicles at the discretion of the respective Department Heads. Research investigating smoking is allowed in laboratories designated for that purpose with authorization granted by the Department of Environmental Health & Safety.

Smoking is prohibited within 30 feet of marked entrances to university buildings. In general, those entrances where smoking is prohibited are main entrances, most ADA accessible entrances, and those entrances near fresh air intakes to the building that impact the air quality inside the building. The Department of Environmental Health & Safety and the Department of Facilities Planning will designate which entrances are required to have no smoking within 30 feet.

The Building Authority is responsible for compliance with this policy at each building.

Unlawful smoking is a misdemeanor and shall be punishable by a fine of $20.00.

This policy is effective August 15, 2002 and is in accordance with K.S.A. 21-4009, et seq. This current policy rescinds the KSU Policy on Smoking in University Buildings, dated July 1, 1994.

CVM Policy on Use of Tobacco – All tobacco, including smoking and chewing is prohibited from Coles, Trotter and Mosier.