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College of Veterinary Medicine

KSU-CVM Guidelines for Commercial Companies

Policy: The distribution or sale of products and services on or off the veterinary complex to professional students, staff, and faculty other than those offered by official Kansas State University units (e.g. the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Diagnostic Laboratory, Digital Information Services Center, Library, and Continuing Education), must have prior approval by the Associate Dean of Academic Programs. The use of university facilities or property to distribute or sell unauthorized products or services is prohibited. Any activity that is inconsistent with the educational, research, or service mission of the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is prohibited. The Dean’s office (with input from appropriate faculty) reserves the right to stop distribution of any product, educational material, marketing material or external speaker’s appearance that violates the mission of the CVM. 

The CVM requirements for extramural entities to interact with personnel in the CVM are:

  • Commercial entities agree to these guidelines in writing with the Dean’s office
  • The entity may ask the Dean’s office for a list of potential student representatives
    • Or the entity may request a specific student for review by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
    • Students must be in good academic standing and have at least one semester of academic experience to be approved
  • In order to hold a commercial company-sponsored event with KSU CVM students (includes sponsorship of student organizations), the commercial companies must register with the Dean’s office a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the event and the Dean’s office reserves the right to decline approval. The approval request should include the following:
    • A description of the proposed activity.
    • Name of external speaker and topic of the presentation
    • Types of products, materials, or services to be distributed or marketed

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs will review the proposal and forward the materials to appropriate faculty for advice on approval of distribution of products, educational materials, marketing materials or invitations to external speakers. Appropriate faculty are those whose discipline, clinic section or course is directly related to the subject area involved in or possibly affected by the distribution of the product, educational materials, marketing materials or external speaker topics.

I__________________________________ professional representative of Company and 
___________________________________student representative of Company__________________ 
agree to the guidelines as stated above this day ____________________ of ______________.

A new form needs to be filled out prior to or at the beginning of each academic year. 

Proposal for commercial company-sponsored event at KSU-CVM to be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Academic Programs

  • Date and time of the event:
  • Describe the activity that will be performed:
  • Name of external speaker and topic presentation
  • Types of products, materials, or services distributed or rendered

PDF of Policy and Form