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College of Veterinary Medicine


The ONLY personal insurance network designed for and by veterinarians.

Student Basic Protection Package – Guaranteed issue with NO medical questions!

  • $300 Rabies Vaccination maximum benefit
  • $500/month while disabled to help cover living expenses if a covered disability prevents you from attending veterinary school
  • $2000 semester stipend if covered disability forces withdrawal from school
  • $100,000 life insurance benefit

Hospital Indemnity Coverage - $100-$400 per day benefit

  • Cash benefit payable to you during a covered hospitalization
  • Cash benefit for up to 3 medically necessary out-patient procedures per year
  • Maternity/pregnancy benefits included

Dental and Vision Insurance Plans

  • Choice of plans
  • Nationwide network
  • Immediate benefits upon enrollment

Contact your AVMA LIFE Campus Representative to find out more about student benefits including the AVMA LIFE Medical Marketplace.  

Angie and Kevin Payne, AVMA LIFE Authorized Representatives
Payne Financial Strategies, Inc
PO Box 636, 116 E. 7th St.
Lyndon, KS 66451
PHONE: 888-282-8066 or 785-633-0630
FAX: 785-828-4296


Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Co. (NY, NY 10010)