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College of Veterinary Medicine

Pre-Professional Requirements

Whether the pre-professional education is completed at Kansas State University or at another academic institution, the following courses must be completed as minimal preparation:

Expository Writing I and II6 hours
Public Speaking2 hours
Chemistry I and II8 hours
General Organic Chemistry and Laboratory5 hours
General Biochemistry3 hours
Physics I and II8 hours
Principles of Biology or Zoology4 hours
Microbiology and Laboratory4 hours
Genetics3 hours
Social Sciences and/or Humanities12 hours
Electives9 hours
Total64 hours

All science courses (chemistry, physics, biology, and genetics must have been taken within six years of the date of enrollment in the professional program.

To be eligible for consideration to the professional program leading to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a student must first complete the pre-professional requirements with a minimum 2.800 average GPA (on an A = 4 point basis) in an accredited college or university, and a minimum 2.8 average GPA in the last 45 semester hours of undergraduate work. The General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is also required and must be taken before making application to the professional program. When taking the GRE please use institutional code 6334 and departmental code 0617.

Both the scores for the general GRE and the prerequisite science GPA are used in evaluating the academic ranking of these applicants.

The application process is constantly under review and revisions are made as the Admissions Committee deems necessary.