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College of Veterinary Medicine

Melinda Wilkerson


BS 1981, SW Missouri St. U.
MS 1989, U. of Missouri
DVM 1989, U. of Missouri
PhD 1994, Washington State U.
Diplomate ACVP

Phone: (785)532-4818
Fax: (785)532-4039
Email: wilkersn@vet.k-state.edu


2008, Outstanding Woman Veterinarian of the Year Award, 
Association for Women Veterinarians Foundation

Specialty Boards

Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathology, Anatomical Pathology (1996) & Clinical Pathology (2003)


My laboratory is interested in host-agent interactions and measuring immune responses in multiple species to pathogens and vaccine antigens. We focus on non-radioactive flow cytometric assays to measure memory lymphocyte responses and cytokine expression to specific antigens. The laboratory is currently developing multiplex assays to measure antibody responses to equine pathogens. I also enjoy contributing to new knowledge in anatomical and clinical pathology and veterinary education.


I teach classes in the Veterinary curriculum as well as graduate classes in the department. These include Principles in Veterinary Immunology (DMP 705; 3 credit hours), Theory and Applications of Flow Cytometry (DMP 878; 2 credit hour course). I am the coordinator of the Clinical Pathology Residency training program.


I direct the Clinical Immunology/Flow cytometry laboratory. We offer diagnostic testing services to practitioners at the Clinical Immunology laboratory. Assays include the platelet surface associated IgG test and the direct immunofluorescent antibody test for red blood cells antibodies. 

The flow cytometry facility at KSU is a multi-user facility that houses “state of the art” flow cytometry and cell sorting equipment for the KSU campus and state research community. This facility contains a Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur and a high speed cell sorter (FACSVantage) with G4 Macintosh computers and high quality printers. See more information on the research flow cytometry facility.

Book Chapters

Wilkerson, M.  Cluster of Differentiation Antigens. Chapter 4. In Schalm’s Veterinary Hematology. July 2010.

D.J. Weiss and M.J. Wilkerson.  Flow cytometry. Chapter 137.  In Schalm’s Veterinary Hematology. Second Edition. 2010.

Wardrop, K.J. Wilkerson, M.J. Mastrorilli C. Testing for Immune-Mediated Hematologic Disease, Chapter 140. In Schalm’s Veterinary Hematology. Second Edition. 2010.

Select Journal Publications

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