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College of Veterinary Medicine

Steve Dritz


DVM 1990, University of Minnesota
PhD 1995, Kansas State University
Swine Specialist

Phone: (785)532-4202
Email: Dritz@vet.k-state.edu

Research and Teaching

Dr. Dritz conducts on-farm research to improve swine production and feeding management practices. In addition, Dr. Dritz is an active member of the K-State Applied Swine Nutrition Team.  Areas of investigation include ongoing investigation nutrient requirement evaluation of high health pigs under field conditions, utilization of alternative feed ingredients in growing pig diets, feed based antimicrobials and additives, and production management practices. Dr. Dritz is also a member of the K-State Feed Biosafety team that is evaluating the role of feed and feed mills as viral and bacterial pathogen transmission and development of mitigation strategies. These areas all carry a common theme in that they involve field-based research to solve current problems facing swine producers. They leverage his unique talents of understanding modern swine production systems, the ability to use sophisticated experimental designs and analysis in field settings, and his passion for focusing on areas that will make an impact.  Dr. Dritz also teaches a foundation level data management course (DMP 830) focused on a variety of population-based disciplines in veterinary medicine and animal production and mentors MS and PhD candidates.



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