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College of Veterinary Medicine

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Breakout Sessions

Sunday Conference Sessions

Small Animal

Neurologic Exam and Neurological Review- Dr. Stephanie Thomovsky
Neurologic Manifestations of Systemic Disease - Dr. Stephanie Thomovsky
Cerebrovascular Accidents: A Review - Dr. Stephanie Thomovsky
Ophthamology Topics - Dr. Jessica Meekins
Ophthamology Topics - Dr. Jessica Meekins
Current Approaches for Canine Mast Cell Disease - Dr. Raelene Wouda

Large Animal

Reproductive Momentum in Beef Cow Herds- Dr. Robert Larson
Beef Cow Herd Reproduction: Tools and Tips to Diagnose Herd Reproduction Problems - Dr. Robert Larson
New Tools from BCI and KSVDL for Veterinarians Working with Beef Herds - Dr. Nora Schrag, Dr. Brad White and Justin Wiebers
Ruminant (Primarily Cattle) Pathology: A Potpourri of Things You Might See at Necropsy - Dr. Jerome Nietfeld
Updates in the Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Anaplasmosis - Dr. Dave Rethorst and Dr. Manuel Camorro

Veterinary Technician

Stethoscope and Heart Sounds - Dr. Justin Thomason
Ambulatory ECGs - Dr. Justin Thomason
Poking and Prodding: How Chiropractic and Acupuncture Can Help Your Patients - Dr. Matt Fehr
The Veterinary Technician as Surgical Assistant - Dr. Emily Klocke
Wildcat Cardiology Rounds - Congenital Heart Diseases - Dr. Justin Thomason
Derm Defense - Dr. Beth Myers

Monday Conference Sessions

Small Animal

Oncology - Dr. Mary Lynn Higginbotham
Physical Rehabilitation for the Neurologic Patient - Dr. Stephanie Thomovsky
H2-Oh No You Didn't: Why a Wet Dog is a Good Dog When it Comes to Physical Rehabilitation - Dr. Stephanie Thomovsky
Red Eye: Diagnosis & Treatment - Dr. Katelyn Fentiman
Vaccine Protocol Update - Dr. Sue Nelson
Tips and Tricks to Improve Radiography of Exotic Small Animals - Dr. David Eshar

Large Animal

Update on Physical Methods of Euthanasia for Cattle - Dr. John Gilliam
Vagal Indigestion: A Practical Approach to a Complex Clinical Syndrome - Dr. John Gilliam
Practical Approach to Neurological Examination of Ruminants - Dr. John Gilliam
Diagnostic Approach and Differential Diagnoses for the Down Beef Cow - Dr. John Gilliam
Selecting for Maternal & Terminal Traits to Improve Beef Cattle Production Efficiency - Dr. Bob Weaber
Cutting Through the Bull: Applications of Genomic Selection Tools in Seedstock and Commercial Beef Production - Dr. Bob Weaber
Pre-Weaning Calf Pneumonia - Dr. Brad White


Current Topics in Equine Medicine - Dr. Elizabeth Davis
Current Topics in Equine Surgery - Dr. Elizabeth Santschi
Equine Metabolic Syndrome - Dr. Laurie Beard
Placentitis and High Risk Pregnancy - Dr. Jason Grady
Role of Imaging in Lameness Diagnosis - Dr. Dylan Lutter
Lameness Case Presentations - Dr. Nathan Canada
Tips for Endoscopy of the Upper Airway - Dr. Warren Beard

Tuesday Conference Sessions

Small Animal

Anesthesia - Dr. David Rankin
Anesthetic Induction: More Options Than Just Going with The "Flo" - Dr. Rose McMurphy
Dental Radiology - Dr. Marjory Artzer
Small Animal Surgery - Dr. Walter Renberg

Large Animal

Displaced Abomasums... and Other Things that Ping -  Dr. Matt Miesner
Key Management Principles for High Reproduction Success (Dairy) - Dr. Luis Mendonca
Activity Monitoring to Enhance Reproductive Management (Dairy) - Dr. Jeff Stevenson
Ovulation Control at First and Repeat Service (Dairy) - Dr. Jeff Stevenson

Practice Management

The Power of Fun at Work Walter Stasinski
You Can Survive Without Customers, but Not for Long - Dr. Walter Stasinski