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College of Veterinary Medicine

Kate KuKanich


Associate Professor, Small Animal Internal Medicine

Phone: 785-532-5690
E-mail: kstenske@vet.k-state.edu

Education and Professional Training

  • Bachelor of Science: University of Notre Dame
  • DVM: University of Minnesota
  • PhD: University of Tennessee
  • Internship: Tufts University
  • Residency: University of Tennessee


  • Principles of Epidemiology (1st year)
  • Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Research (1st year)
  • Medicine I (3rd year)
  • Clinical Pharmacology (3rd year)
  • Clinical Skills (3rd year)
  • Small Animal Internal Medicine (4th year)


Dr. KuKanich’s research interests include bacterial sharing between companion animals and their owners, the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance, clinically relevant drug interactions, fungal disease management, hospital-acquired infections, and handwashing.


Dr. KuKanich’s clinical interests are infectious disease, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, and managing complicated urinary tract infections. She is also interested in zoonotic diseases and public health.

Selected Publications, Presentations, or Articles