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K-State 150: Open House has a long tradition in the CVM

K-State 150 - Sesquicentennial LogoKansas State University celebrated its 150th birthday, or sesquicentennial, in 2013. As part of the celebration, Lifelines shared a series of monthly features devoted to different aspect of the history of the College of Veterinary Medicine. Below is this month's feature. Tolearn more about  the past, present and future for America’s first land grant institution and Kansas’ first public university, visit http://www.k-state.edu/150/.

From the May 2013 issue of Lifelines (Vol. 8, No. 5)


Open House has a long tradition in the CVM
Before the All-University Open House tradition existed, the College of Veterinary Medicine had its own Open House tradition going back several years. Below are some photos showing some of the various ways the CVM showed off its activities to the public.
Cholera parade float
This undated file photo shows a parade float that the veterinary students put together to explain how important veterinarians are in battling devastating livestock diseases.

Dog Day in 1949
During the middle of the 20th century, veterinary medicine became more involved in the treatment of companion animals in addition to livestock. This 1949 shows an event that was known as "Dog Day" for the public to get free exams of their dogs from the students.

Girl feeds piglet
Children get to feed piglets at an Open House event around 1970 of 1971. This was the first year of a petting zoo at the CVM Open House.
(After originally publishing this photo, we were informed this picture is of Judy Wollen, a 1971 graduates of the College of Home Economics, who was a Student Chapter Auxiliary side. She is the wife of Dr. Terry S. Wollen, a 1972 DVM alum.)

Medical tools and instruments
A student (believed to be Dr. Dennis Sweet, DVM class of 1972) helps display medical instruments during an Open House when the teaching hospital was located in the current Dykstra Hall.


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