CVM Testing Center Agreement Form

Date: Student's Name: E-Mail:

Before examinations are administered at the CVM Testing Center:

- The student must have a letter of accommodation from the Student Access Center (SAC).
- Students will provide the SAC letter to the course coordinator/faculty and to Kayla Campbell (test coordinator).
- The CVM Testing Center Agreement form must be submitted before you schedule an examination. If the form is submitted but an automated confirmation e-mail is not received, please contact Kayla Campbell at If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, you are not approved to take the exam.
- Forty-eight business hours before the exam, the CVM Testing Center Request Form needs completed and submitted to the test coordinator. The form requires faculty signatures. You must schedule a time with your professor to complete the CVM Testing Center Request Form.

Before scheduling your proctored exam, please review the following CVM Testing Center Regulations below.

I understand the following:

1. I must present a current driver’s license or my veterinary medicine student ID to the test coordinator.

2. If the test is on-line, I will log into KSOL by entering my login ID and password. I am aware that I need to know my K-State EID password before arriving at the CVM Testing Center.

3. Examinations must be taken the same day as the class. If the student is unable to take the exam the same day, the student must contact the faculty member for permission to take it on an alternate day. Under normal circumstances, there is NO provision to give extra time to students who arrive late to the testing center.

4. I will be continuously monitored during my test taking.

5. I consent to the video and audio recording of my testing session and to the examination of the video and/or audio recording of my test session.

6. I will follow the instructions of the testing coordinator, represent myself honestly, and conduct myself quietly to avoid interfering with the performance of other test takers.

7. I will neither give nor receive any form of unauthorized assistance during the examination.

8. My belongings to include my cellular phone or any electronic devices will be turned off and placed in secure locker. If I am observed using an electronic device, including a cellular phone, it will be confiscated and the examination will stop immediately.

9. Food and drinks are not allowed in the testing center.

10. The Testing Center will provide earplugs, head phones and a basic calculator. I am aware I may not hear emergency instructions delivered during the course of my examination.

11. I am responsible for immediately notifying the test coordinator of any adverse testing conditions. If I have questions or concerns about the test or environment, I will raise my hand and I will be escorted out to a different area to discuss. If I fail to notify the test coordinator, my recourse may be limited.

12. I will allow the test coordinator to resolve any problems that may arise (including technical issues, weather related, or power failure). I will remain at the Testing Center until instructed to leave.

13. I will not remove any written, printed, or recorded materials of my examination from the CVM Testing Center. The examination questions remain the property of the CVM and I shall maintain the confidentiality of the questions and answers.

14. I will return all materials, including scratch paper, provided to me by the CVM testing coordinator when I have completed my examination and before I leave the Testing Center.

15. Cheating is considered academic misconduct. Any attempt to copy or distribute test information, or attempt to obtain test answers from the Internet, software programs, hard copy materials, other students taking the test, is strictly prohibited. If I am caught violating CVM Testing Center rules, my test materials will be collected and I will not be permitted to complete my exam. I will be instructed to leave the Testing Center and the course coordinator and Student Board of Ethical Behavior will be notified.

I have read and consent to all of the above items. Failure to comply with these regulations may cause the termination of my test session and may have additional consequences.

Appointment Scheduling:

Please schedule your exam by using the student exam portal at You will sign in using your CVM username and password. Click on the “schedule” tab at the top left and click on “bookings.” Choose the date and time by double clicking the specific time slot that you wish to schedule your examination. Times for examinations are between 8:00 – 10:00 am, 10:00 - 12:00, 1:00 – 3:00 pm, and 3:00 – 5:00 pm. When you create a new reservation, review the date, time and ensure you enter the course name to complete the reservation. Click “create.” If your letter of accommodation states you need longer than two hours, you can book the appointment twice through the exam portal.

If you have any questions, please contact Kayla Campbell at or at 532-4247.

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