KSU College of Veterinary Medicine
Mentor Evaluation of Student
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Clinic Street Address
Type Of Practice
Dates Student Participated   to

Student's Performance 

Did your veterinary student through his/her attitude, personal conduct and appearance
reflect credit upon the veterinary profession?

Did you find your veterinary student eager and willing to learn all the phases of veterinary medicine?
Rate the student in the following areas:
Basic Science Knowledge
Patient Care
Client Relationships
Business Knowledge
Technical skills
Animal handling
Improvement in skills

What was your general impression of the veterinary student's medical education to date?
Overall, how would you rate this student?
General comments concerning mentorship programs, suggestions, etc.


The Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine  appreciates your donation of time to help
veterinary students gain experience and a better understanding of the veterinary profession. We can
provide an Acknowledgement of Contribution certificate for this mentorship which has a place for you
to declare the value of your contribution and potentially use it as a tax deduction.