Kansas State University

Biopsy Price Calculator

KSVDL understands how important it is for you to be able to charge your clients accurately.

Please note: Biopsy refers to a sample from a living animal. Please see necropsy histopathology prices for tissue samples from deceased animals.

This charge will apply if any special stains are considered necessary for diagnosis.

Standard pricing includes up to 3 masses or anatomic sites. Additional fee applies for each mass/site above 3.

(less than 3 cm in any dimension)
(e.g. mineralized mass, tooth, amputated toe, incisional biopsy of bone, en bloc resection of a jaw mass)
(greater than 3 cm)
(e.g. limb amputation, maxillectomy or mandibulectomy)


* KSVDL does not charge an additional biopsy fee for examination of an entire spleen. We encourage practitioners to submit the entire spleen as this improves chances of making a definite diagnosis and allows for a more complete evaluation of all abnormal areas of the spleen. You may submit an excised spleen on ice rather than attempting to fix it in formalin.
This fee is also not applied to large tissues that require decalcification (e.g. limb amputation, maxillectomy or mandibulectomy), even when greater than 8 cm.