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Job Book for Washington

Date Submitted: 5/15/2020
Contact Person: Kelcey Grimm
Practice Name: Enkosini Eco Experience
Address: PO Box 1197
City: Lydenburg, WA 1120
Phone: (120) 660-4266
Email: info@enkosini.org
Web Site: www.enkosini.org
Practice Type: Other
Job Type: Research
Enkosini Eco protects and preserves wildlife and wild lands in Africa. For the past 20 years, Enkosini has funded 90% of our wildlife and marine conservation work in Africa through ‘volun-tourism,’ a form of tourism in which travelers participate in non-profit volunteer work (www.enkosini.org). Our volunteers come from all nationalities, all ages and all walks of life: gap year students, career breakers and retired people. Enkosini is featured in National Geographic’s “World’s Best Travel Experiences: 400 Extraordinary Places” and “Best of the World: Volunteer Animal Rescue.”

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