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Job Book for Arizona

Date Submitted: 9/4/2019
Contact Person: Kelsey Bradley
Practice Name: Scottsdale Hills Animal Hospital
State: arizona
Email: kelsey.bradley@arrowgrouphospitals.com
Practice Type: Companion Animal Exclusive
Job Type: Associate
Kansas State University DVM Class of 2020, Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and start of your clinical year! I wanted to reach out to you all about career and externship opportunities in Arizona! I received a similar email just before I graduated in 2015 and am happy to report I am still with the same company over 4 years later, now in an ownership position! I think the mentorship I received (and still receive) is something every new grad wishes for at their first job. My hospital is 1 of 21 hospitals throughout the Phoenix metro area that are affiliated with AZ Pet Vet. I was a little worried that being a part of a group of hospitals would mean limitations on medications, treatments, and/or protocols but I have found that each hospital really acts as its own. Being a part of the group also allows us to have other perks - free CE, access to traveling doctors with more surgical experience, a pool of 100+ doctors to help cover shifts, availability to pick up shifts for extra income or vacation days, and more! The standard of care provided at my hospital and the others in AZ Pet Vet is top notch. Every hospital is a bit different, but at Scottsdale Hills, we have digital x-ray, dental rads on all dental patients, in-house CBC/chem labwork, IDEXX as a reference lab, and a surgery suite. We are open 7 days a week, but a full time doctor only works 9 days every pay period (which is two weeks). It is nice to have 5 days off every 2 weeks! We also do not have overnight shifts or any on-call. You are not responsible for hospitalized patients or pending labwork on your days off either. We work hard but also respect time off to go and enjoy what Phoenix has to offer. :) My first time in Phoenix was for an externship the Fall of my senior year and I fell in love with the outdoors, hiking, restaurants, and people here. If you are interested at all in learning more, shoot me an email and we can chat more in detail! Good luck with the rest of the year! Kelsey Bradley KSU DVM '15 Scottsdale Hills Animal Hospital

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