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Job Book for Alaska

Date Submitted: 4/30/2019
Contact Person: Shannon Kesting
Practice Name: Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital
Address: 1571 Muldoon Rd.
City: Anchorage, AK 99516
Phone: (907) 230-7541
Email: shannonkesting@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.healthypetalaska
Practice Type: Small
Job Type: Associate
Anyone want to come work in Anchorage Alaska as an associate veterinarian? Full disclosure: Our clinic is really fun with a great family vibe. We have good tools, fantastic employees, a small parking lot, down to earth blue collar clients(mostly), a boss with a great sense of humor (mostly ¿), and an awesome sound system that has been known to jam out anything from Johnny cash to the Harry Potter soundtrack. However, Alaska is a truly special place that needs exploration and we thrive on providing a quality of life that supports enjoying life outside of the clinic as well. We are a two doctor practice and sadly, saying goodbye to our second associate of five years as she embarks on a new life adventure. We are looking to fill her vacancy August 2019. We are small in size but mighty in high client case load, surgeries/dentistry, and good humor. A new grad would not be expected to work solo until they feel comfortable and then only an hour or two per day unless I was sick or family emergency. I enjoy fostering the learning process in new grads as well as training technicians. After a year of experience, we could consider expanding our hours to allow more solo time. Our support staff is extremely knowledgeable, well trained, fun loving, and completely non judgmental or gossip types. Thank you for any interest! Shannon Kesting - also known as “captain” because we often like to refer to our clinic as the starship enterprise...because, why not? ¿ Please contact me at Shannonkesting@yahoo.

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