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College of Veterinary Medicine

Job Book For Pennsylvania

Date Posted: 2/1/2017
Contact Person: Amy Hagg
Practice Name: Brookville Veterinary Hospital
Address: 103 Allegheny Blvd
City: Brookville, PA 15825
Phone 814-849-2211
Fax: 814-849-7391
Email: info@brookvillevet.net

Provide accurate medical records, adherence to hospital standards, examinations, diagnosing, prescribing, surgery, and occasionally "schmoozing" with clients.
Participate in customer-service meetings and to promote the practice in the community. Once acclimated, participate in a revised "on call" emergency rotation to better serve the community (extra pay & production).
Qualities needed to be a member of our team include humility to admit to and learn from mistakes, passion for continued learning and the training of others, respect for team members, and a love for people. We serve people by caring for their pets!