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Job Book For Montana

Date Posted: 5/15/2017
Contact Person: Dr. Steve Sekerak
Practice Name: Bridger Veterinary Hospital
Address: 3104 Green Meadown Dr.
City: Helena, MT 59602
Phone 406-443-5874
Email: bridgervet@outlook.com
Practice Type: Mixed

Four experienced, mixed animal veterinarians are excited to welcome a fifth mixed animal practitioner! We are located in Helena, Montana, an area known for its exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities as well as its thriving arts community.  We provide outstanding healthcare to a wide variety of large and small animal species; therefore, an interest in all aspects of mixed practice is a must. We are incredible willing and able to mentor and support a new graduate in order that he or she may learn, grow, and practice comfortably in our busy hospital environment.  If you are interested in working and playing hard with our dedicated team in beautiful southwestern Montana, please use the following contact information:

Bridger Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Steve Sekerak
Dr. Keith Stav
3104 Green Meadow Dr.
Helena, MT 59602
phone: (406)443-5874
email: bridgervet@outlook.com