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College of Veterinary Medicine

CVM Belt Buckles

KSU College of Veterinary Medicine is now selling customized belt buckles for alumni of the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine! Be sure to send in an order form for these one-of-a-kind buckles.

belt buckle photo 1belt buckle photo 2

Belt buckles are available for $150 a buckle. Proceeds from belt buckle sales support technical skills training for DVM students. Please fill out the order form and return it to the Alumni and Events Office at: 213 Trotter Hall 1710 Denison Ave., Manhattan, KS 66506. Attention to the Alumni Office or e-mail vmaa@vet.k-state.edu.

Download the order form here.

Please allow at least 8 weeks for processing and delivery.

The next Belt Buckle Order will be placed on March 1, 2020.