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Class of 1993


Hello Classmates! It was great to see so many of you, your spouses, and your children at our recent reunion. Honestly, it may have been 15 years since graduation, but I don’t think we’ve aged much!

Since it’ll be 5 years till we meet again, now is the time to get a class website put together. This will be a great way to have a virtual class newsletter, post pictures from work and of family, and maybe help us stay a little better in touch between reunions. Joe Nisil at KSUCVM will handle all the set-up and design. The Class of 1991 already has a site at http://www.vet.ksu.edu/alumni/classes/1991/ . We are looking for someone from our class to be the “editor”—someone who simply serves as the contact person. We would send our news, photos, etc. electronically to him or her, and then they would send them to KSUCVM to be posted.

In order to get this up and running, you will need to send your current email address to either myself atperkinscreekranch@hotmail.com or to Cheri Ubel at Ubel@vet.k-state.edu with permission to use it on the class list serve. If you have that update or photo ready, go ahead and send that to Cheri until we have an editor. 

I look forward to “virtually” seeing you soon,

Kate E. Perkins, D.V.M.
1658 Pioneer
Howard, KS 67349
H) 620.374.2296
C) 316.841.8792