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Messages from Classmates


Hi! I realize I have been slacking the past few years on the class newsletter and I apologize for that. However, we now have an opportunity to keep in touch a little easier (without my interference or editing)—there will now be a class web site associated with the K-State CVM Alumni Web site to which we can individually send information, notices, pictures, news…Everything must be sent electronically but then it can be posted and available for our class to see. In order to get this up and going, we just need to send our email addresses and permission to use it on the class listserve to Cheri Ubel ( Ubel@vet.k-state.edu ). Joe Nisil will be the contact guy to set up the site. Additional information regarding this should be included in this mailing. So…Please send in your work news, your family news, pictures…anything you would like to share with the class and then remember to check the web site periodically. I think vet school is a unique situation in which one has 4 years of very concentrated time with the same group of people and it seems weird not to keep in touch afterward. I am always amazed and pleased at how easy it is to pick up again when we see each other at reunions. It’s like we were just together last week except that most of us have aged (at least a little bit).

So much for my pitch for the website. So, what is happening in the Buback house….well, we are still in Indianapolis and are hoping to break our pattern of moving every 5-6 years. We do miss Wisconsin (by the way…HOW ‘BOUT THOSE PACKERS!!!!!!!!!) but it is nice being a little more central and closer to family. Our kids, Tim (10), Hannah (8) and Caleb (6) have all adapted well and continue to be best friends and arch enemies depending on the day (or sometimes hour). With three, it is interesting to watch how alliances change through the course of the day. Tim has been substitute teaching at the kids’ school—now that Caleb is in Kindergarten he had more time. I’m not sure if he’ll go back to work as a veterinarian. I think some days he really misses it and other days, well….I work at Indiana Veterinary Specialists with John Stephan (he did his residency at K-State and is our genre). So far it has been a good experience and I like it. There is much less emergency on-call work which has been very nice. I still kind of cringe when I am on call and the phone rings but I don’t have quite the same visceral reaction that I use to have. Hope all of you are doing well and life is treating you right. I’m also sending a couple pics of the family. Hope to hear from all of you soon!


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