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College of Veterinary Medicine

Class of 1978


Senior Composite Photo

Class of 1978

Left to right: 

Back row: Armon Hetzel (white Yankees hat), Roger Swanson, George Saperstein, Jim Felton, Dave Rethorst, Bill Swafford (white golf shirt.) 

Third row: Alan McCully (white shorts), Terry Sippel, Mark Frautschy, Gary Oehmke, Gary Petry, Rich Markham, Charlie Stith. 

Second row: Bev Ort, Missy Frautschy, Marilyn Colgan, Bruce Naasz, Chuck Van Petten, John Horigan. 

First row: Bob Ridley, Jerry Rains, Jim Briddle, Derek Mosier, Steve Joseph, Kathy Parton (behind and to the right of Steve Joseph).