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College of Veterinary Medicine

For Students

Academic resources

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University strives to deliver the best educational experience possible. DVM students are provided with:

Student support

DVM students also have access to mentors, organizations and services within the College of Veterinary Medicine. These include:

  • 2nd year buddy
  • 4th year student mentor
  • student clubs
  • faculty mentoring groups
  • psychologist
  • peer tutors
  • scholarship support

Services for students with disabilities are provided through the Student Access Center.


Student organizations


K-State also boasts a 260,000 square foot recreation center. The Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex is located a short distance northwest of the College of Veterinary Medicine. Inside you'll find gyms, indoor running tracks, a rock climbing wall and more. You can also exercise outside on 20 acres of fields and trails. Or rent canoes, kayaks, tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment. The natatorium features a pool for lap swimming, a recreation pool and a diving well.

Learn more about opportunities for recreation and entertainment in the Manhattan area.