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College of Veterinary Medicine

Financial Assistance

KSU Tuition and Fee Schedule
Financial assistance is available through the K-State Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Living Expenses

Living expenses while a student at K-State varies greatly among students. However, the K-State Office of Student Financial Assistance uses the following amounts in creating budgets for veterinary students for nine months:

  • room and board = $7,482
  • veterinary books and supplies = $2,700 - $2,900
  • miscellaneous = $4,472 - $4,680

See the cost of attendance details (at K-State Office of Student Financial Assistance)


Scholarship applications for incoming DVM students are available during August orientation.

Graduate student scholarships and awards

The College of Veterinary Medicine welcomes applications from graduate students regarding memorial, scholarship and travel awards that have been established to assist graduate students in their professional advancement. 

Financial resources

Powercat Financial Counseling provides FREE information and education to
current enrolled K-State students who are seeking help with issues such as budgeting, credit use, managing debt and students loans, and more.