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College of Veterinary Medicine

Frequently asked questions


Can you please tell me, as an out-of-state student, do I stand much of a chance being selected as an at-large student?
We admit approximately 65 non-residents each year. Please see the latest class statistics.

What if my GPA is only a 3.1? Do I stand a chance of being admitted to the KSU Vet School?
Our admissions evaluation includes many components - GPA's being only one. You might be a strong candidate if you have high GRE scores, significant veterinary and animal experience, interview well, etc.  So, yes, there is a chance that you could gain admittance to our program.


I heard my GRE scores could be averaged together depending on the college’s preferences. I was wondering whether it was recommended for me to take the GRE multiple times or if I should just take it once?
You should send us copies of your official GRE scores that you receive(d) from ETS, use Institutional Code 6334 and Department Code 0617.  You can take the GRE as many times as you wish. It does not matter to us how many times you take the examination. However, we will use your best quantitative score, your best verbal score, and your best analytical writing score, out of all of the times you have taken the GRE, to create the best composite score possible for you. You cannot hurt yourself by retaking the GRE.

Does the admissions committee look at a total combined GRE score or what areas you are stronger or weaker at? 
We consider the total combined score.  All parts of the general GRE are equal in weight.


Due to my score on my ACT I passed out of taking the first writing class at my current university. I have taken one other writing course. Will that be sufficient to fulfill your Expository Writing I and II requirement?
You must complete an additional writing course (English course) by the end of the spring semester before you would start veterinary school to qualify at Kansas State University. We do not waive prerequisites based on ACT scores.

In looking over the prerequisites, I am not sure what is meant by "expository" writing.
Expository writing courses include courses with an English prefix or designations as writing courses. Composition courses are also acceptable.

Is Advanced Placement (AP) credit acceptable for prerequisite courses and if so how do I document it?  Will a transcript indicating such coursework be acceptable?
If the courses for which you received AP credit are listed on a college transcript by course name we will accept them. If they are not listed by name we will not accept the credit.

Do I have to have a Bachelor’s degree to get accepted to vet school?
No, about 30 percent of our students do not have Bachelor’s degrees.

Is there a math prerequisite for applying to the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine?
No, there is no math requirement.

How do I convert Quarter Hours to Semester Hours?
Please see the conversion table.

Transfer students

Do you accept transfer students from other Veterinary Colleges?
We admit transfer students from other veterinary programs as we have openings. Please see our transfer policies and procedures. The admission of transfer students is dependent upon availability of open seats and qualifications. We admit transfer students into semesters 2 through 6.


To what address should the supplemental application packet be sent? 
Office of the Associate Dean for Admissions
College of Veterinary Medicine
101 Trotter Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas 66506-5601

Can the supplemental application for admission be submitted before the VMCAS application is submitted?
Yes, the supplemental application can be submitted anytime before October 1.  It can be submitted before the VMCAS application is submitted.

I was wondering how many letters of recommendation are required for admission, and how many of those need to be from a veterinarian. 
As outlined in the VMCAS application we require three letters of reference (one from a veterinarian, one from a college advisor, and one from anyone else who is not a relative). Your reference letter writers will submit their letters online through VMCAS.

"All VMCAS evaluations are to be completed electronically in the Evaluations section of the VMCAS application, with the exception of multipage committee letters and composite letters." -- Reference

When should I begin applying for admission to the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine? 
Our application period is between June 1 and September 15.

I had a question about the last 45 hours on the supplemental application. Is it the last 45 hours of classes taken in general or the last 45 hours of classes taken while working toward an undergraduate degree?
We require that applicants have at least a 2.8 GPA on their last 45 semester hours of undergraduate work. Whether or not these hours were applied towards completion of a degree does not matter. We do not use graduate course grades in this calculation.

I have a question regarding the supplemental application for KSU, where it asks for the GPA for the last 45 hours of undergraduate work. I completed a B.S. degree, but have taken other college level courses since then. Should I include the latest extra courses in that GPA, or just the last 45 credits earned toward my B.S. degree? 
You should include the grades for the "extra" courses if they were taken for undergraduate credit. Whether or not the credits for the "extra" courses were applied towards a degree does not matter.


Should I have my undergraduate transcripts sent to me to include in the supplemental application packet, or sent directly to KSU from my undergraduate institutions?
You must include all of your college transcripts in the supplemental application packet as instructed. We will accept unofficial transcripts. By doing this, we will have everything we need in one packet and will not have to wait for your undergraduate schools to send them to us.

What academic work must transcripts show?  For instance, I was going to submit a transcript now prior to taking and receiving grades for the upcoming Fall and Spring terms.  Is this acceptable and if so will the school need a second set of transcripts later for the other grades I will later earn?
Because our deadline for application is September 15, you will not have transcripts with your current fall grades nor your upcoming spring grades to send. Please send your most current transcripts. If admitted, we will require spring transcripts after your final grades are posted.

I am applying for admission in the fall.  I was wondering when you would like fall transcripts to be sent to K-State by?
We do not require that fall transcripts be sent to us. We do require newly admitted students to send us final transcripts following posting of grades after the end of the spring semester.


If I am a first generation American who grew up in a home where English is not the primary language, do I need to take the TOEFL?
We will not require that you take the TOEFL if you are a United States citizen.