Graduation Fee

A non-refundable graduation fee of $15.00 is required of all degree candidates. This fee, approved by the Kansas Board of Regents in April 1992, supports the costs associated with the graduation process such as commencement expenses, diploma printing and covers, and mailing costs. The fee will be assessed only once, even if you are applying for graduation from more than one college. If you do not graduate after the graduation application is approved, you are still responsible for paying the $15.00 fee. However, if you subsequently apply for graduation and it is approved, you will not have to pay the fee again.

Graduate students are to pay the graduation fee in the Graduate School Office, Fairchild 102.

Undergraduate students submit a graduation clearance certificate to their respective Dean’s office. Once the clearance certificate is approved, the student will be billed $15.00 by the office of the Controller The fee should be paid immediately upon receipt of the billing statement. A graduating student’s diploma and transcripts will not be released until the fee is paid.