Absences, Emergency/ICU Duties, Leave For Fourth Year Veterinary Medical Students

    Students are expected to be ready for class or clinical duty at the specific time assigned. In the case of illness or extreme personal emergency, the student must notify the faculty member in charge of the rotation and the Departmental Office that they will be absent from duty. Make-up of clinical assignments missed because of absence may be required by the faculty member in charge of the rotation.

    Persistent tardiness or absenteeism will be reviewed by the Department Head and faculty, and may result in suspension from Hospital assignment. Persistent tardiness or absenteeism will result in either an incomplete (I) or failing (F) grade for the rotation.

    Senior students are expected to report to assigned areas, in uniform, in accordance with Section schedules.


    1. Please follow these steps when requesting approved leave.

      1. Obtain a 4th Year Student Leave Request Form (See Appendix II) from the Department Office. If you are scheduled for duties on the dates you are requesting leave, you must find a replacement. You will need to provide the name(s) of the person(s) taking your duties during your absence to the Department Office in order to obtain a Leave Request Form.

      2. Obtain the signature of the Faculty member in charge of the rotation and Section Head. By signing, they are indicating that it is permissible for you to be absent on the date(s) indicated. The faculty member in charge of the rotation has the right to require a suitable make-up activity. Generally you will not be approved to be out of a 3 week rotation more than 2 days without making up these days. Failure to complete make-up work will result in a failing (F) grade. If the faculty member in charge of the rotation feels that your absence will hamper the functioning of the remaining group, or you have already been out for 5 days, he/she has the right to refuse permission for your absence.

      3. Return the form to the CS Department Office.

      4. Leave is not approved until the Faculty member in charge of the rotation and/or Section Head and Department Office have signed your form.

      5. The Department Office will forward a copy of the form to the Associate Dean's Office for final approval.

    2. No more than five days of leave will be granted during the year. There is no entitlement for these days. These days are to be used only for valid, important reasons (i.e. job interviews, house hunting).


    1. Senior students will have after-hour emergency/ICU assignments in the following sections: Agricultural Practices, Anesthesia, Diagnostic Medicine, Equine, Radiology, Small Animal Medicine and Small Animal Surgery. The following applies to emergency duty.

      1. See section specific protocols for exact duty times/shifts.

      2. If "On Call", students are required to: Provide their telephone and pager numbers to Emergency Desk personnel prior to their shift and always be available by telephone. Once notified, you are expected to be at the Hospital within 15 minutes.

      3. Students must always advise the Section Head and Departmental Office immediately (in advance if possible) if for any reason they cannot be available for their assigned emergency/ICU duty, andstudents are required to find a substitute for their emergency duty. All duty changes must be submitted and approved in the Departmental Office between the hours of 8 am - 12 noon and 1 pm - 5 pm Monday through Friday. No duty changes may be made at the Emergency Desk after hours except in the case of extreme illness/injury or personal emergency. In these cases, the Departmental Office must be notified the next working day by the student along with the reason for their absence.

    4th Year Student Leave Request Form