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College of Veterinary Medicine

Class Officers 2014/2015


1st Year (Class of 2018)

President:Dustin Renken  
Vice-President:Ben Bennett
Secretary:Courtney Cook
Treasurer:Donny Toland
Curriculum Committee:Shelbie Martel
Student/Faculty Affairs Committee:John Brandsma 
Open House:Abi Lectenberg & Laurel Thomas
Board of Ethical Behavior:Laura Nelson & Brian Becker
Fundraising ChairpersonsMegan Cabot
Intramural Chairperson:Mem Dailey
Social Chairs:Kat Davros & Hailey Clemons


2nd Year (Class of 2017)

President:Chris Eckert
Vice-President:Michael Porta
Secretary:Elli Unruh
Treasurer:So Lee Park
Curriculum Committee:Stacy Michaelis
Student/Faculty Affairs Committee:Alissa Kirchoff
Open House:Matthew Hull & Hilary Coulombe
Board of Ethical Behavior:Sarah Schock & Joanna Wilson
Fundraising Chairperson:Sarah Steen and Amy Schad
Historian:Virginia Still
Intramural Chairpersons:Elyse Pachta and Jeffrey Laifer
Social Chairs:Kaleigh Robinson and Rebecca Ober


3rd Year (Class of 2016)

President:Shawna Cikanek
Vice-President:Megan Spencer
Secretary:Brande Iseman
Treasurer:Kristen May
Curriculum Committee:Justin Jones
Student/Faculty Affairs Committee:Jennifer Kissinger
Open House:Leslie Osborn & Sarah Halpern
Board of Ethical Behavior:Kyla Krissek & Penelope Burchfiel
Fundraising Chairperson:Diane Larson & Jennifer Mcgrady
Historian:Laura Constance
Intramural Chairperson:Brian Smith & Pamela Etchegoyen
Social Chair:Sarah Anderson & Tiane Devore


4th Year (Class of 2015)

President:Alyson Post
Vice-President:Margi Dunlap
Secretary:CarrieJo Davidson
Treasurer:Kristin Myzie
Curriculum Committee:Kyle Clymer
Student/Faculty Affairs Committee:Amy Schaffer
GraduationMaddie Little
Board of Ethical Behavior:Emily Archer Slone, Abby Jennings
Historian:Lori Agulian
Intramural Chairperson:Matt Rossi
Social Chairs:Monica Chwala, Emery Jones, Ray Czarnecki
Board of Ethical Behavior:Emily Archer Slone, Abby Jennings