John A. Pickrell: 1941-2017

Associate Professor, Environmental Toxicology

DVM 1965, U. of Illinois-Urbana
PhD 1968, U. of Illinois-Urbana
Diplomate 1983, American Board of Toxicology


I perform clinical diagnostic tests and phone consultations to aid practicing veterinarians in the field in diagnosing their cases. I also provide consultation for faculty residents and students. My special interest is toxic particles, gases in livestock confinement facilities and the pulmonary diseases that result from them.


I teach Clinical Toxicology to the 3rd year professional students relating to plants, water, air, bacterial and mycotic toxins and feed related toxicities and to the 4th year professional rotation relating toxicology to case-based situations. My graduate classes cover environmental and specific mechanism-based toxicology. I have trained numerous summer research associates, graduate students interns and residents and post-doctoral associates.


My research interests involve toxicology from pulmonary exposure and its role in chronic lung disease. Initially, I investigated the effect of inhaled toxicants – radionuclide particulates, ozone and diesel exhaust particles. My current interests focus on the ability of endotoxin or endotoxin-coated particles from swine confinement facilities to cause lung disease with an immunology basis and develop into chronic lung disease. In addition, we have specific interests in case-based medicine – paper case studies with known outcomes, videobased case studies, CD-ROM based case studies and CD-ROM based case studies with stereoscopic projection. Specifically, our interests focus on how each technology helps students relate medical toxicology to their professional practices.

Selected Publications

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