Thu Annelise Nguyen, PhD, MBA

Thu Annelise Nguyen

Associate Professor, Toxicology

K-244 Mosier Hall
Office: 785-532-4429
Lab: 785-532-4431
Fax: 785-532-4039


BS (1996), Texas A&M University
PhD (2001), Texas A&M University
MBA (2007), Kansas State University

Field of Study

Molecular & Cellular Biology


Dr. Nguyen’s interest is in drug discovery for breast cancer, targeting the defect of cell-cell communication in breast cancer cells. Understanding the effect of environmental and synthetic compounds on cell-cell communication, particularly gap junction intercellular communication (GJIC), at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels provides insight to specific target for treatment. Furthermore, Dr. Nguyen’s studies investigate gap junction proteins in various cancer types including breast cancer, colon cancer, and canine mammary cancer. With recent discoveries in the field of 3D technology, Dr. Nguyen’s research provides further insights into the GJIC of heterogenous 3D tumor.


Dr. Nguyen serves as the course coordinator and teaches the following courses:
DMP 802, Environmental Health, 3 credits
DMP 806, Environmental Toxicology, 2 credits
DMP 810, Cancer Pathogenesis, 2 credits

Selected Publications