Samir El Qaidi

Samir El QaidiResearch Assistant Professor

Office: Mosier N213
Phone: 785-532-4631


My research area focuses on bacterial virulence gene regulation and pathogenesis. After a PhD in sugar metabolism and gene regulation in commensal bacteria from Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris-France), I joined different molecular microbiology laboratories for postdoctoral experience. The accumulated experience was helpful to independently design projects and conduct experiments for studying molecular mechanisms of virulence in pathogenic bacteria, especially those related to Type 3 Secretion System (T3SS). Currently, I am exploring the intra-bacterial activity of T3SS and its implication in bacterial survival under hostile environments. My research projects also includes novel strategies to develop new therapeutics for human and animal diseases using bacterial proteins.

Selected Publications

  • Zhu, C., El Qaidi, S., McDonald, P., Roy, A., and Hardwidge, P. R. (2021) YM155 Inhibits NleB and SseK Arginine Glycosyltransferase Activity. Pathogens (Basel, Switzerland) 10, 253
  • El Qaidi, S., Scott, N. E., and Hardwidge, P. R. (2021) Arginine glycosylation enhances methylglyoxal detoxification. Scientific reports 11, 3834
  • Yang, Y., Wang, P., Xia, P., Yang, B., Dai, P., Hong, T., Li, J., Meng, X., El Qaidi, S., and Zhu, G. (2020) Rapid detection of flagellated and non-flagellated Salmonella by targeting the common flagellar hook gene flgE. Applied microbiology and biotechnology 104, 9719-9732
  • El Qaidi, S., Scott, N. E., Hays, M. P., Geisbrecht, B. V., Watkins, S., and Hardwidge, P. R. (2020) An intra-bacterial activity for a T3SS effector. Sci Rep 10, 1073-1073
  • Qaidi, S. E., and Hardwidge, P. R. (2019) ABC cloning: An efficient, simple, and rapid restriction/ligase-free method. MethodsX 6, 316-321
  • El Qaidi, S., Wu, M., Zhu, C., and Hardwidge, P. R. (2019) Salmonella, E. coli, and Citrobacter Type III Secretion System Effector Proteins that Alter Host Innate Immunity. Advances in experimental medicine and biology 1111, 205-218
  • Wu, M., El Qaidi, S., and Hardwidge, P. R. (2018) SseL Deubiquitinates RPS3 to Inhibit Its Nuclear Translocation. Pathogens (Basel, Switzerland) 7