Clinical Sciences

Instructional Clinical Year (ICY)

We are currently not accepting applications.

This flexible program is offered to allow foreign DVM graduates to individualize their experiences to enhance their technical and clinical skills in order to pass/prepare for the Clinical Proficiency Exam (CPE). The Veterinary Health Center at Kansas State University is a state-of-the-art full-service tertiary care hospital staffed by clinicians with specialized training and board certification. Our vision is to be regarded as the premier academic unit among our peer institutions. Faculty and staff regard clinical training as our most important mission, and are dedicated to giving our students (including ICY participants) first priority in the clinical setting. This hands-on experience will be evaluated by our clinical faculty based on the same standards as the regularly enrolled veterinary students.


A flexible schedule is available for the ICY program with a minimum of 12 weeks required to participate in the program. The graduate can choose from the 14 core rotations or numerous elective rotations. The core rotations consist of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging I, Clinical Orthopedic Surgery, Clinical Soft Tissue Surgery, Equine Field Service, Equine Surgery or Equine Medicine, Small Animal Internal Medicine, Small Animal General Medicine, Food Animal Local Practice, Food Animal Medicine and Surgery, Anesthesiology,Ophthalmology, Primary Care Externship, and Diagnostic Medicine, which are completed along with fourth-year students. In addition, elective credits may be offered if space is available. Elective courses include Cardiology, Dermatology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Clinical Equine Theriogenology, Advanced Cow-Calf Production Management, Advanced Feedlot Production Management, Exotics, Laboratory Animal Medicine, and MidWestVET.

ICY participants are required to participate in night ICU (patient care) and emergency duty. At the completion of each rotation, faculty will submit an Evaluation and grade form in the One45 system. If a poor evaluation is received (“D” Grade), the participant will repeat the rotation at an additional cost. If a participant receives 2 poor evaluations ("D" Grade), they are immediately dismissed from the program. If the participant earns an "F" grade, the participant is immediately dismissed. Please see additional information in the student handbook.

Application Procedures and Requirements

All applications must contain the items/materials listed below to be considered for the Instructional Clinical Year program.

  1. Submit a completed Instructional Clinical Year Application Form, International Applicant Form (if applicable), along with a letter of intent describing their expectations from the program and their future professional goals.
  2. Submit transcripts from the veterinary school and undergraduate institution(s) attended by the applicant.
  3. Submit a certified photocopy of the candidate’s diploma awarded by a college of veterinary medicine or its equivalent.
  4. Submit a current curriculum vitae.
  5. Submit official test results for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the Test of Spoken English (TSE) OR the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  6. Submit at least three letters of recommendation from veterinarians that are graduates from AVMA accredited Colleges of Veterinary Medicine to be sent directly to KSU CVM who can adequately evaluate the applicant’s potential clinical abilities. Alternative references may be used with permission.
  7. A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 (bank check, money order, or cashier’s check). The application fee must be submitted with the completed application form.

Send applications to:

Staci Murray (785-532-4892)
Dept. of Clinical Sciences
111B Mosier Hall
Manhattan, Ks 66506


Participants are not officially enrolled as KSU students and are not eligible for student financial aid or loans (Sallie Mae will initially approve a student loan, but because ICY participants are not officially enrolled into the KSU student information system (iSIS), the loan will be declined). Selected candidates are personally responsible for all financial aspects of participation in the program.

The program fee is based on the KSU tuition non-resident fees for veterinary medicine students and a minimum of 12 weeks is required. If applications are accepted, the program fee will be posted at that time.

Refunds of 25% of the payment will only be granted to the participant, once enrolled, if s/he is not able to complete the first two rotations. No refund will be made after the first two rotations have been completed. If participants are completing only 12 weeks, no refund will be made after the first rotation.

After students have been approved for the ICY program and the senior rotations have been scheduled, a non-refundable down payment of $500 must be sent to our office made payable to the Department of Clinical Sciences (money order or cashier's check preferred). Payment must be received within five days of being accepted into the program. The $500 fee will be applied to the total cost of the program.

Please send payment to:

Staci Murray
Dept. of Clinical Sciences
111B Mosier Hall
Manhattan, Ks 66506

Application Deadlines: There are no application deadlines as our program accepts new participants throughout the year, when space is available. The selection committee requires a personal interview but may consider a phone interview on a case-by-case basis.

Health Insurance

Participants in the program are required to obtain their own health insurance or pay the privilege fee at KSU Lafene Health Center each semester (the Lafene privilege fee does not apply to Visa holders). The University provides no liability insurance and accepts no liability for the actions of these participants or the death or injury to these participants. Each participant will be required to accept and sign a liability release, a copy of which is attached and becomes a part of the contract.


Participants in the program are responsible for arranging their own housing. The University does not provide housing.


Participants may have access to the holdings of the veterinary medical library system(s). In addition, participants may also access Hale Library by purchasing a non-university library card for $10.00. This card may be obtained at Hale Library.

If scheduled into at least 24 weeks of rotations, participants will have access to the Lafene Health Center for medical services but will be responsible for paying a privilege fee (not pro-rated) per semester before using their services. This provides the student access to the Health Center as a regularly enrolled student. Unlimited office visits to consult with a physician or nurse or access to health education materials and advise are free. Payment, at a subsidized rate, is required for any ancillary services provided (laboratory, x-ray, pharmacy, physical therapy, nutrition counseling).

Participants may have access to campus parking by purchasing a KSU parking permit.

Participants may have access to the Chester R. Peters Recreation Complex by purchasing a recreation center pass only if the participant will be in rotations for at least 24 weeks.

The University does not provide participants access to other University facilities or services.

Participants are to provide their own instruments and uniforms as required by the Department of Clinical Sciences and outlined in the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Student/Faculty Handbook.

Participants must comply with the University’s rules and regulations. If any participant does not comply with the established training protocols, fails to meet academic standards, or causes disturbances to other aspects of the University’s educational programs, such participants, upon recommendation of the college faculty and with concurrence of the Dean of Veterinary Medicine or his/her designated representative, will be discontinued from the program.

The College of Veterinary Medicine will provide a certificate for each participant who completes the one-year program. No official transcript will be maintained or issued by the University.