Deryl Troyer

Deryl TroyerProfessor

DVM, Kansas State University, 1972
PhD, Kansas State University, 1985

Research interests

Traditional chemo or radiation cancer therapy results in numerous off-target effects that themselves can sometimes be life threatening. Therefore, more targeted yet effective therapies are needed, along with improved detection of early stages to improve treatment outcomes. The focus of the Troyer laboratory is to develop stem or defensive cells as delivery vehicles for targeted antimicrobial or cancer therapy. Dr. Troyer is a co-discoverer of stem cells isolated from the matrix of umbilical cords (UCMS cells), and these cells traffic to tumors and have a potent intrinsic ability to attenuate tumors. Dr. Troyer's laboratory has successfully used engineered UCMS cells to deliver cytokines to breast cancer, melanoma and pancreatic cancer in rodent models. His laboratory is currently testing these and other tumor-homing cells for delivery of therapeutic nanoparticles, including superparamagnetic core/shell iron/iron oxide nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia and imaging in collaboration with Dr. Stefan Bossmann at KSU. In addition, the Bossmann/Troyer labs are developing a protease sensor nanoplatform for early cancer detection.

Selected Publications

Wendel S, Menon S, Alshetaiwi H, Shrestha T, Chlebanowski L, Hsu W, Bossmann S, Narayanan S, Troyer D: Cell based drug delivery: Micrococcus luteus loaded neutrophils as chlorhexidine delivery vehicles in a mouse model of lever abscesses in cattle. PLoS ONE, 10(5): e0128144, 2015.

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