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PBPK Textbook

Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling: Methods and Applications in Toxicology and Risk Assessment, 1st Edition

Editors: Jeffrey W. Fisher, Jeffrey M. Gearhart, and Zhoumeng Lin 

Published Date: 1st August, 2020
Publisher: Elsevier
Page count: 348

Order at: https://www.elsevier.com/books/physiologically-based-pharmacokinetic-pbpk-modeling/fisher/978-0-12-818596-4
Supplementary Materials: https://www.elsevier.com/books-and-journals/book-companion/9780128185964

  • PBPK TextbookForeword: Melvin E. Andersen
  • Preface: Jeffrey W. Fisher, Zhoumeng Lin, Jeffery M. Gearhart
  • Chapter 1: Zhoumeng Lin, Jeffrey W. Fisher. A history and recent efforts of selected physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling topics
  • Chapter 2: Shruti V. Kabadi, Zhoumeng Lin. Introduction to classical pharmacokinetics
  • Chapter 3: Jeffrey W. Fisher, Xiaoxia Yang, Darshan Mehta, Conrad Housand, Zhoumeng Lin. Fundamentals of physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling
  • Chapter 4: CE Hack, AY Efremenko, SN Pendse, CA Ellison, A Najjar, N Hewitt, A Schepky, HJ Clewell III. Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling software 
  • Chapter 5: Jeffrey W. Fisher, Jeffery M. Gearhart, Jerry L. Campbell, Jr, Darshan Mehta. Chemical absorption and writing code for portals of entry
  • Chapter 6: Christopher Ruark. Physiologically based pharmacokinetic model: distribution processes
  • Chapter 7: Jeffrey W. Fisher, Jerry L. Campbell, Jr, Zhoumeng Lin. Metabolism and physiologically based pharmacokinetic models
  • Chapter 8: Sami Haddad, Andy Nong. Physiologically based pharmacokinetic model: excretion via urine, feces, and breath
  • Chapter 9: Tammie R. Covington, Jeffery M. Gearhart. Sensitivity and Monte Carlo analysis techniques and their use in uncertainty, variability, and population analysis
  • Chapter 10: Zhoumeng Lin, Yi-Hsien Cheng, Wei-Chun Chou, Miao Li. Physiologically based pharmacokinetic model calibration, evaluation, and performance assessment
  • Chapter 11: Lisa M. Sweeney, Jeffery M. Gearhart. Examples of physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling applied to risk assessment
  • Chapter 12: Miyoung Yoon. Physiologically based pharmacokinetic models to support modernized chemical safety assessment