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College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine

Kansas State University
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College of Veterinary Medicine Staff Council

The College of Veterinary Medicine Staff Council will promote a positive work environment and foster staff development; while representing the best interests of the College of Veterinary Medicine staff.  We will strive to build partnerships with our constituents, peers, and administrators by encouraging open communication through positive interactions with respect for culture, collegiality, and compassion.

CVM Staff - For events, resources, etc. log in HERE.

CVM Staff Council

Front Row: Kristina Wyatt, Gina Scott, Stephanie Hober, Susan Hazelbaker, Christine Hackworth, Gail Eystone
Back Row: Joes Sanneman, Stephanie Freeman, Jodee Webster, Priscilla Roddy (ex-officio), Kara Smith, Jaci Begnoche, Stepahanie Gatrell, Rob Reeves

Celebrating Our Family
June, 2019-May, 2020

Years of Service:

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