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College of Veterinary Medicine

Mission Statement and Action Plan

The Mission of the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine Multicultural Perspectives and Initiatives Committee is to lead, coordinate, and support efforts towards an inclusive environment and provide opportunities for multicultural members of the CVM population, staff and students.  The MPI Committee will measure success with provided feedback from faculty, staff and students.  In addition, the committee strives to provide opportunities for building increased cultural awareness through robust conversation and educational opportunities to create a harmonious environment.  The committee will encourage the CVM to participate in the national interest of building a veterinary work force to serve the ever-changing community and society.  Our goal is to create culturally proficient DVM graduates who will function in today’s society as leaders in diversity, inclusion and equity in their communities, nation and world.

The KSU College of Veterinary Medicine Multicultural Perspectives and Initiatives will carry out the mission by initiating  programs to expose faculty, staff and students to matters related to diversity, inclusion and equity in order to grow in cultural competence.  The committee will also collaborate with members of the CVM community, the KSU campus population, the local and state level as well as other institutions to create, identify and carry out best practices to meet our mission.  One other action step will be the continued development of programs for K-12 students to build a pipeline and diversify the population of students interested in veterinary medicine.

Learn more about the importance of Diversity and Inclusion at Kansas State University.  Leading the charge of Diversity and Inclusion, KSU’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer,  Dr. Bryan Samuel , offers programming, intercultural learning and extracurricular activities to students from all walks of life.  KSU is dedicated to building an inclusive campus climate encouraging understanding, self-awareness, compassion and more.    Dr. Bryan Samuel is leading the commitment of KSU as we stand by the Principles of Community.

To learn more and become involved, see all Diversity and Inclusion Events at KSU .