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TEVA Animal Health Teaching Excellence Award

2009 Teva Animal Health Teaching Excellence Award to Dr. Deryl Troyer

Dr. Kristin Fuhrman, Teva Animal Health, presents the 2009 Teva Animal Health Teaching Excellence Award to Dr. Deryl Troyer.

The 2009 Teva Animal Health Teaching Excellence Award is presented in recognition of outstanding instruction of first year veterinary students.  Dr. Kristin Fuhrman is here today, representing Teva, to present this award.  The recipient was selected by the current second year students, based on courses taught during their first year of veterinary school. 

The recipient of this award earned his DVM and Ph.D from K-State in 1972, and 1985, respectively.  After 8 years of private practice in Illinois and Nebraska, he started teaching in the college in 1980.  He has also taught at the University of Illinois.  He has an active research program focused on stem-cell biology and received the Pfizer Award for Research in 1996.  He coordinates and is the major lecturer in AP 710, Microscopic Anatomy, and received the IVX Teaching Excellence Award in 2005.

The students describe this person as a passionate teacher who brings humor and fun into his class room and makes the subject of microanatomy fascinating and a joy to learn. The recipient of the 2009 Teva Animal Heatlh Teaching Award is Dr. Deryl Troyer.