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Novartis Teaching Excellence Award


2009 Novartis Teaching Excellence Award to Dr. Dan Thomson
Michelle LeCluyse, Student Representative of Novartis, and Dr. Bonnie Rush present the 2009 Novartis Teaching Excellence Award to Dr. Dan Thomson.

The 2009 Novartis Teaching Excellence Award is presented in recognition of outstanding instruction of third year veterinary students.  Michelle LeCluyse, the Novartis Student Representative, is here today representing Novartis to present this award.  The recipient was selected by the current fourth year students, based on courses taught during their third year of veterinary school.  The recipient of this award obtained a BS degree from Iowa State University in 1990 and a MS degree from South Dakota State University in 1993.  He received a PhD degree from Texas Tech University in 1996, and a DVM degree from Iowa State University in 2000. 

He was on faculty at Texas Tech University for one year, and worked in private practice/industry for four years prior to arriving at KSU in 2004. He was named the Jones Professor in Production Medicine and Epidemiology of Veterinary Medicine in 2006.  He is currently Director of the Beef Cattle Institute (BCI) and is a founding Diplomate for the American College of Animal Welfare for the residency program that will be started at KSU. 

Dr. Thomson has been the Co- Course or Coordinator for 2 courses (CS 769 Advanced Feedlot Production Management and CS 714 Clinical Nutrition) and has participated in delivering lectures in four other courses: DMP 811 Fundamentals of Feedlot Management, CS 713 Production Medicine, CS 764 Beef Cattle Breeding Evaluation, and DMP 810 Diagnostic Methods in Feedlot Management.  He has developed an undergraduate Feedlot Health Systems course, CS 610 this fall.  He has been recognized twice (2005, 2009) for his teaching efforts as the recipient of the Novartis Excellence in Teaching Award for instruction during the third year of the veterinary curriculum, and was invited to deliver the Commencement Address for the Class of 2006. 

Students unanimously describe this person as warm, encouraging, and engaging, with a contagious ability to instill a passion for food animal medicine/cattle nutrition in students that have principally small animal interests.  One student describes it best “He has always been able to find a way to cause us to "sit up and listen" -- usually with a funny story or anecdote.”  There are way too many other contributions/efforts to mention…. The recipient of the 2009 Novartis Animal Health Teaching Award is Dr. Dan Thomson.