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College of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty, Unclassified, & USS Recruitment Procedures

Recruitment Steps

  1. The Position Supervisor or Search Committee Chair contacts the Employment Coordinator to begin a recruitment by sending the Position Description (Per-1), advertising locations and names of the search committee members. The Employment Coordinator reviews the position description for accuracy and makes changes as necessary.

  2. If the position is new, the Employment Coordinator verifies the position on the Hiring Plan. Positions not included on the Hiring Plan will need Department Head and Dean’s approval if term and funded by either a grant or departmental dollars. If the position is a regular, college-funded position and not on the Hiring Plan, the Provost’s approval is also required.

  3. All members of the Search Committee must complete the Search Committee training, if they haven’t already.

  4. Candidates apply for the position from the K-State Jobs website. The Employment Coordinator emails the Search Committee Chair once there are applications to view. The Search Committee may review applications as they arrive.

  5. The Search Committee will log in to the PageUp Portal using their eID and password. From the home screen, click on “1-jobs requiring search committee review” next to the green bubble. To view their applications, click “View application” on the right side of the screen.  To score each applicant, click on “Change Score” on the right side of the screen.  The Search Committee will score each applicant as either Meets Criteria, Exceeds criteria or Does Not Meet criteria.
  6. Once the Search Committee has reviewed and scored all applications in the PageUp Portal, the chair will schedule interviews.  If needed, the Employment Coordinator can assist with scheduling interviews. He or she will then alert the Employment Coordinator of each applicants date and time of scheduled interviews. The Employment Coordinator will provide a goody bag for each applicant and can assist with escorting candidates to the interview location if needed.

  7. The Employment Coordinator will update PageUp with the interview schedule.

  8. Once the interviews are complete, the Position Supervisor or Search Committee Chair alerts Employment Coordinator of candidate they would like to offer the position. Negotiations with candidate happens outside of the system.

  9. Once a verbal offer has been accepted the supervisor or Department Head generates an official Offer Letter. The Position Supervisor and Department Head/Director approve the offer letter and email it to the candidate.

10. After approvals, the candidate will either accept or decline the Offer Letter and return it to the Employment Coordinator.

11. The candidate will then be contacted by the Employment Coordinator to begin the background check process.

    • A background check is not necessary if the candidate is a current K-State Employee.
    • If the candidate is arriving via Homeland Security, a background check is not necessary. The Employment Coordinator will contact the Director of the International Student and Scholar Services office for the visa request process.

12. If background check is clear, Employment Coordinator contacts new employee to schedule a meeting for completing appointment paperwork. At this time, a communication will also be sent to the candidates not selected thanking them for their time and interest and alerting them that the position has been filled. 


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