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College of Veterinary Medicine

Trend Micro Officescan

Trend Micro OfficeScan client is required for all computers that routinely connect to any K-State network. The software is provided to K-Staters free of charge.

Instructions for home computers:

If you're looking for antivirus software for your home computer we recommend using the campus version of Trend, particularly if you regularly remote in to campus resources.  Installation instructions for the campus version of Trend can be found here: http://www.k-state.edu/its/antivirus/.

Instructions for CVM users installing Trend Micro OfficeScan:

Find the scenario that best describes your computer's current configuration and proceed.

1. If the Trend Micro antivirus icon appears on your Windows computer's taskbar like this:
trend icon
you already have the new software installed. There is nothing left to do.

2. If the computer or laptop you own that connects to our network/Internet currently uses an antivirus program other than Trend Micro OfficeScan, please follow the directions for uninstalling your current antivirus program and installing the Trend Micro OfficeScan client.

3. If the computer or laptop you own that connects to our network/Internet currently has NO antivirus software installed, please follow the directions for installing the Trend Micro OfficeScan client.

Instructions for users leaving K-State on removing the Trend Micro OfficeScan client:

A password is required in order to remove the Trend Micro OfficeScan client. Call the CaTS Hotline at 785-532-4725 to get the uninstall password.

1. Once you have the uninstall password, begin the process by using add/remove programs in the Control Panel...

2. Click Start and then click Control Panel (you may have to point to Settings before clicking Control Panel).

3. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.

4. Scroll down to the entry for Trend Microantivirus program installed on your computer and then click it to highlight it.

5. Click the Change button. The Trend Micro OfficeScan Client InstallShield Wizard will appear.

6. Click Next.

uninstall step 2
7. Select the Remove button and click Next.

uninstall step 3
8. Click on Remove.

uninstall step 4
9. Type in the password you recieved from CaTS and click on Next.

uninstall step 5
10. The uninstall process may take several minutes.

install step 3

11. When complete, click on Finish. Restart your computer after the antivirus program has been removed.

12. It is HIGHLY recommended that you install another antivirus program as soon as possible. We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the CaTS hotline at 532-4725.