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Strategic Plan - How We Got There


Third-year student Brandon Bell


Video: Members of the Strategy Focus Teams talk about their participation

The College of Veterinary Medicine developed the new vision for our future by participating in a comprehensive Strategic Planning initiative. We asked ourselves: What does the future of veterinary education, animal health, teaching, research and service look like? Where do we need to be? To find the answers to the these questions, the college surveyed a variety of stakeholders. We had almost 1,000 responses to the stakeholder surveys sent out at the end of May. Thank you to all who responded to the survey. Every single response was very valuable and was read by the facilitator.

What's New?

Survey Results have been posted. See the results here.

The Strategy Leadership Team (SLT) reviewed the survey responses in early August, and identified a list of "hot topics." These were then combined and prioritized, resulting in six areas to be analyzed by Strategy Focus Teams. These six priority areas are described here. Then those hot topics were scored and weighted in order to help develop a list of focused questions to be reviewed by several focus teams. 

On Aug. 27, six Strategy Focus Teams, composed of about 10-15 faculty, staff and students each, held their first meetings to review the questions and define boundary conditions (see the video above). The SFTs are meeting Sept. 24 and Oct. 22, and will then create a series of recommendations. Those recommendations will be posted in early November for review and input by other CVM stakeholders. Then the SLT met two more times to review and discuss the recommendations, which were then forwarded to the CVM's administrative leadership council for the development of the official Strategic Plan.

Funnel graphic


Creatng Our Future Together

  • Present Strategic Plan: Dec. 31
  • Strategy Leadership Team meeting: Dec. 19
  • Strategy Leadership Team meetings: Nov. 14 & 15
  • Strategy Focus Team meetings: Oct. 22
  • Strategy Focus Team meetings: Sept. 24
  • Strategy Focus Team meetings: Aug. 27
  • Summary of Responses:Aug. 5
  • Strategy Leadership Team meetings: Aug. 1 & 3
  • Survey Deadline: Midnight ET June 5
  • Survey emails sent out: May 11