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Strategy Focus Teams - Descriptors and Members

Lenses for all SFTs include: Collabration, One Health, Global + Local, Communications, Staffing, ONE.CVM, Facilities, Service, Land Grant mission, Listening to Stakeholders

The teams will meet a minimum of three times: Aug. 27, Sept. 24 and Oct. 29

Strategic Focus Team 1 - Curriculum

Key-Word Descriptors: Mapping; above average NAVLE; integration; all careers

Team members ...

Ronnie ElmoreDean's OfficeFacilitator
Elizabeth DavisClinical SciencesDiscussion Leader
Derek MosierDiagnostic Medicine/PathobiologySLT
Jim LillichAnatomy & PhysiologySLT
Keith HamiltonDean's OfficeSLT
Kelli AlmesVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Steve DritzDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Greg GrauerClinical Sciences 
Adryanna Siqueira DrakeDean's Office 
Deon van der MerweDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Butch KuKanichAnatomy & Physiology 
Judy KlimekAnatomy & Physiology 
David RankinClinical Sciences 
Sanjeev NarayananDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Christine EllisOutside Representative 
Joshua FineOutside Representative 
Brandon BellStudent (3rd Yr) 
Peggy SchmidtDean's Office 


Strategic Focus Team 2 - Teaching & Clinical Education

Key-Word Descriptors: How curriculum is taught; excellent teachers; focused hires; hands-on; skills lab; synergy between teaching & service; caseload; client service training

Team members ...

Bonnie RushDean's OfficeFacilitator
Amy RankinClinical SciencesDiscussion Leader
Susan NelsonClinical SciencesSLT
Brian LubbersVeterinary Diagnostic LabSLT
Lisa TennyStudentSLT
Nora SchragGraduate Student 
Chris BlevinsClinical Sciences 
Rachel CornVeterinary Diagnostic Lab 
Giselle CinoVeterinary Diagnostic Lab 
Cory HaighStudent 
Jason GradyClinical Sciences 
Emily ReppertClinical Sciences 
Lacey RobinsonHouse Officer 
Chris GeorgeHouse Officer 
Katelyn FentimanHouse Officer 
Dustin RenkenStudent 
Mary BagladiClinical Sciences 
Erin StratheStudent 
Pradeep MalreddyAnatomy & Physiology 
Zsolt SzladovitsAnatomy & Physiology 


Strategic Focus Team 3 - Funding Model: Cost of Education; Admissions; Fundraising

Key-Word Descriptors: Sustainability; tuition cost impact; admissions impact; funding sources; budgets; maintain high quality; debt
reduction; scholarships; value to students; efficiencies; increase our visible advantages; in-state vs. ex-state; diversity; quality of intake

Team members ...

Priscilla RoddyDean's OfficeFacilitator
Walter RenbergClinical SciencesDiscussion Leader
Joan BurtonKSU FoundationSLT
Joe MontgomeryDean's OfficeSLT
Kristin LovingKSU FoundationSLT
Eric HoldernessKSU Foundation 
Lyndse GreenwoodDean's Office 
Susan MooreVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 
Jim RoushClinical Sciences 
Annelise NguyenDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology 
Tiffany CuttingDean's Office/VHC 
Howard EricksonRetired Faculty - Anatomy & Physiology


Strategic Focus Team 4 - Food Animal Focus

Key-Word Descriptors: Expand expertise; BCI; linkages among education, research & service

Team members ...

Gary AndersonVeterinary Diagnostic LaboratoryFacilitator
Dave Renter Diagnostic Medicine/PathobiologySLT
Dick HesseVeterinary Diagnostic LaboratorySLT
Janet CrislerVeterinary Diagnostic LaboratorySLT
Mark SpareStudentSLT
Audrey HambrightDean's OfficeSLT
Mike ApleyClinical Sciences 
Bob LarsonClinical Sciences 
Brad NjaaVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 
Brad WhiteClinical Sciences 
Matt MiesnerClinical Sciences 
Dan ThomsonDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
Gregg HanzlicekVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 
Megan KilgoreOutside Representative 
Manuel ChamarroClinical Sciences 


Strategic Focus Team 5 - Work Environment + Staffing

Key-Word Descriptors: Culture; morale; motivation;positive attitude; merit raises; student wellness; ‘we care’

Team members ...

MM ChengappaDiagnostic Medicine/PathobiologyFacilitator
Shirley ArckVeterinary Health CenterDiscussion Leader
Mac HafenDean's OfficeSLT
Erin MooreAnatomy & PhysiologySLT
Jaci BegnocheDean's OfficeSLT
Samantha PralleVeterinary Diagnostic LaboratorySLT
Lisa BryantVeterinary Health CenterSLT
Jeremy McDiffettDean's OfficeSLT
Diane BeetsVeterinary Health Center 
Roxann BlasiVeterinary Health Center 
Jessica MeekinsClinical Sciences 
Mary Lynn HigginbothamClinical Sciences 
Michelle ZajacVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 
Ellyn MulcahyDean's Office 
Mal HooverDean's Office 
Kristina WyattVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 
Stephanie HoberDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology 
Akaterina DavrosStudent 


Strategic Focus Team 6 - Research Focus + Graduate Education

Key-Word Descriptors: Practical/impactful; translational; basic science; select a few; rabies expertise; NBAF; DVM-MBA?

Team members ...

Frank BlechaDean’s OfficeFacilitator
Bruce SchultzAnatomy & PhysiologyDiscussion Leader
Juergen RichtDiagnostic Medicine / PathobiologySLT
Tammy KoopmanDiagnostic Medicine / PathobiologySLT
Lindsey HolmstromDiagnostic Medicine / PathobiologySLT
Lisa DuerDean’s OfficeSLT
Jishu ShiAnatomy & PhysiologySLT
Ronette GehringAnatomy & Physiology 
Victoriya VolkovaDiagnostic Medicine / Pathobiology 
Kathryn ReifDiagnostic Medicine / Pathobiology 
Roman GantaDiagnostic Medicine / Pathobiology 
Mark WeissAnatomy & Physiology 
Tom SchermerhornClinical Sciences 
Raelene WoudaClinical Sciences 
Barbara LutjemeierAnatomy & Physiology 
Teresa Ortega-VillicanaAnatomy & Physiology 


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