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Virology — Special Issue Featuring Nidovirus Research

Guest Editors: Ying Fang, Susan Baker, Eric Snijder, Hans Nauwynck, Thomas Gallagher, Shinji Makino

Nido2017 attendees are invited to submit a manuscript describing primary research or a review article by October 1, 2017. Guidelines for manuscript submission are found on the Virology website:


Each submitted manuscript must have a unique first author, but the senior author may have multiple submissions. The contents of the submission needs to be linked to the Nido2017 (i.e. must have been submitted as an abstract, or at least is related with a submitted abstract). All manuscripts must be uploaded onto the Virology website by October 1, 2017 for consideration by the guest editors, who will oversee the peer-review process.

To help better organize the content and magnitude of this special issue, the journal office requires a “pre-submission letter of intent" with a tentative article title and a few sentences describing the proposed manuscript. Please send your presubmission to Ramprasad Anbazhagan at R.Anbazhagan@elsevier.com by August 18th, 2017.  We will let you know shortly after if the editors have any requested changes and/or questions regarding the scope of your intended manuscript. 

We look forward to your participation in the Virology Special Issue Featuring Nidovirus Research.