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Nido2017 Workshop: Translating NidoResearch into Field Applications


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State-of-the-Art Presentation:

Randall S. Prather (USA): Genome editing for understanding viral infection


Applying New Approaches to Old Problems

Udeni Balasuriya (USA): Translational research for control of equine viral diseases

Jack Dekkers (USA):  Using animal breeding and genetic selection to combat infectious disease

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To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate, That Is The Question

Jay Calvert (USA): Overcoming technical and IP hurdles, from concept to product

Shishan Yuan (China): Challenges in vaccine development and application

Kurt Kamrud (USA): Development of an arterivirus RNA-based platform expression system

Kegong Tian (China): PRRSV vaccine development and application in China

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Lunch roundtable discussion session with industry and academic professionals


Is There Hope for Antiviral Therapeutics?

Yunjeong Kim (USA): Antivirals for feline coronavirus

Andrew Mesecar (USA): Discovery and development of coronavirus protease inhibitors as potential therapeutics

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Detecting Infection:  Challenges and New Solutions

Tomasz Stadejek (Poland): Viral evolution and challenge in diagnostics

William Nelson (USA): Diagnostic linkage of veterinary and human medicine

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