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College of Veterinary Medicine

Travel Fellowship Application

Deadline for submission of application: March 3, 2017.

The Nido2017 Travel Fellowship is directed at supporting students and postdocs who attend the XIV International Nidovirus Symposium. Applicants must be graduate students or post-doctoral fellows, and must submit an abstract and present original research finding at the Nido2017 in Kansas City. The travel fellowship of $500 will be made available to support travel and/or accommodations related to the meeting. Fellowship recipients will be recognized at the symposium and listed in the proceedings.

The application packet must include:

- A maximum three page curriculum vitae with contact information (email, phone number and mailing address)
- A maximum one page description of research interests including short and long term career goals
- A confirmation of the abstract submitted to the Nido2017 symposium.

Apply for Fellowship here