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Welcome to XIVth International Nidovirus Symposium (Nido2017)

June 4-9, 2017
Kansas City Marriott Downtown - Kansas City

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The International Nidovirus Symposium is a prominent scientific meeting that focuses on a unique group of viruses infecting a wide range of animal species and humans. Over the past 40 years, the Nidovirus Symposium has evolved into a triennial event that covers all aspects of cutting-edge nidovirus research and technological developments. The nidovirus order is comprised of four families of positive-stranded RNA viruses, including well-known human pathogens like MERS- and SARS-coronavirus and economically important animal nidoviruses like those causing porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRSV), porcine epidemic diarrhea (PEDV), equine arteritis (EAV), and chicken infectious bronchitis (IBV). The symposium will provide an outstanding opportunity for scientists from academia and industry to share their latest research findings, exchange ideas, and develop collaborations.

Kansas City and Kansas State University Kind Touch statue

It is our great pleasure to warmly welcome you to Nido2017, which will include a variety of plenary and poster sessions, roundtable discussions, and ample opportunity for social activities. The program will cover all elements of applied and basic research on nidoviruses. New for Nido2017, the workshop “Translating NidoResearch into Field Applications” will be held on Sunday, June 4, 2017 to engage academic experts with industry professionals for development of nidovirus diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics.

We believe this event will better position us to respond to future disease outbreaks and enhance our capability to develop effective control and prevention measures for both endemic and emerging nidoviruses. We look forward to meeting you in Kansas City!

Nido2017 Organizing Committee


*The Kansas City skyline image in the Nido2017 banner is courtesy of Kyle Howard Photography - Kyle Howard Photography on Facebook.

News and Announcements

Plan to attend the best international meeting on nidoviruses:

  • If you are flying in to join us, please check your tickets NOW and make sure you are flying to Kansas City, Missouri, USA (international airport abbreviation is MCI) not Kansas City, Kansas, USA.
  • Travel Awards – We hope to send out email notification on May 22. Recipients will be able to pick up checks for $500 at the registration desk.
  • First day of meeting – June 4, 2017, Workshop starts at 8:15am; Symposium Opening Gala starts at 6:00pm.
  • Kansas City Royals Baseball – The evening of June 5 (Monday) is free after the poster session. If you are interested in going to the Kansas City Royals baseball game at 7:15 pm, you can purchase tickets through this website: http://kansascity.royals.mlb.com/ticketing/singlegame.jsp?c_id=kc.  Our Visit KC staff at the registration desk can help answer questions about this event.
  • Tuesday (June 6) afternoon and evening activities - We organized a group tour of Powell Garden and an onsite barbecue dinner. You will be able to sign up for this tour at the Nido2017 registration desk. For those of you interested in other activities in the Kansas City area, you are free to make your own plans for the afternoon and evening. The Visit KC staff will be at registration desk to provide guidance for the city tours.  We would like to make sure everyone has time to talk informally with their colleagues from around the world.
  • Virology — special issue featuring Nidovirus Research: Nido2017 attendees are invited to submit a manuscript describing primary research or a review article by October 1, 2017. Click for more information.

We will add information in the coming months, so please check this website for updated information.